Understanding Cat Behavior: Are They Up To Something?

Do you know what is the most complex task in the world? You are absolutely right if you think it is related to your cat. Understanding cat behavior has never been a one-time task. Their multiple gestures, tail wiggling, and unpredicted movements are out of this world. But hey! You don’t have to worry because here we have a very simple and understandable guide to help you solve the misery of your beloved cat’s behavior.

understanding cat behavior

Why Do They Behave Different?

Unlike dogs, cats are one of the most expressive yet nonchalant animals. It’s one action can have a different meaning each time. The reason? Cats are not very fond of strangers. They like to have their own company and the special company they choose, just like your cute cat has chosen you. I know they are cute and fluffy, which makes you want to grab them and give them a good rub. But you have to understand their privacy and personal space. They don’t like to be touched by strangers.

Care To Listen:-So next time you are eager to touch them, think about these three things: personality, environment, and mood.

Understanding Body Language

Now, the most important thing is ‘understanding body language.’ Your cat’s actions and unrecognized sounds are included in body language. Today, we’ll learn each of their movement and emotions to make you accept your cat with all its flaws and charms.

Ear And Eyes

Different ear movement means different actions. If the cat’s ear is bent forward, it means it is playful, excited, and ready to have fun. Again, straight and perky ears indicate attentiveness and alertness. It means they saw and heard something unusual.

understanding cat behavior

Okay, you need to be careful if their ears are pinned backward. Stay back because this ear movement means a very angry and irritated cat ready to attack anytime. Again, stay back!

I think you are a bit scared now. So let us tell you your cat’s decent reaction. If your cute kitten is looking at you and blinking slowly, they are amused by you! They like you.

Different Act Means Different Actions

If your cat is lying on its back, they are comfortable around you. They are opening up their intimate parts to you to show that you are trustworthy enough. In this position, you’d really want to tickle and rub their tummy, but make sure your cat is not hissing or growling. It might attack you if sensing any sensitivity.

Some Tail Mystery

Tail Flicking

Um. You should be careful if your cat is flicking its tail. It means they are very irritated with you and warning you to stay back. The reason behind this behavior can be unwanted patting. Means? If they are napping or relaxing, you should watch the cat’s tail movement.

A Full-On Helicopter Tail

If the cat is wiggling its tail like the helicopter fans, they are happy and excited. It means they are excited to play with a toy or they are happy with the person in front of them.

Do They Feel Anxious?

A tucked-away tail is the sign of submission. Sometimes, a cat can be tired or not very energetic; it keeps the tail tucked between the legs. The reason for this behavior can be a new and uncomfortable environment or a strange person’s presence.

How To Cop Up With Them

When we say body language, it means the cat uses its whole body to communicate with us humans. Sometimes, they might express their happiness with their tails; other times, they can use their entire body to showcase excitement. Conclusion? Different parts can have the same emotion to express. So, if you are someone who wants to adopt a kitten and take care of them or are just curious to know the cat’s behavior, this perfect guide might help you at least a bit. 

Next time, don’t be scared when your cat approaches you. Just wait and remember our guide ‘understanding cat behavior’ and understand what they are trying to perform. But don’t take too much time to understand. They might find you suspicious. And attack you in the meantime!

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