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Dog Grooming

Dog grooming service by the expert for your little pal’s hygiene. Our Dog grooming services such as brushing, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, and more are available at furrever happy at the most reasonable prices that you are satisfied to pay.

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At Furrever Happy, we believe in safety and hygiene socialization which is why we provide the utmost quality care as we pamper and take care of all the cleanup of little paws, so they’ll be shiny, smell great, and appear to be made of a million bones! Make a dog grooming appointment for your dog at Furrever Happy. Our main focus is to give supreme dog grooming care at the most amazing prices. That is why we pledge to you that your pup will always be in great hands with us.

dog grooming

Meet the Pet Lover : Divya Nayyar

Let’s introduce you to the heart and soul of Furrever Happy: Divya Nayyar. She has a true and deep love for animals. This love inspired her to create a special place for pets that goes above and beyond. Her mission is simple: to treat your pets with the same warmth, care, and affection she gives to her own beloved cat.

As a proud cat owner, Divya knows how important a pet’s well-being is. It’s not just business for her; it’s a heartfelt promise to make a space where pets can blossom. That’s why at Furrever Happy, you’ll find everything your furry friend could wish for – from toys and gourmet treats to stylish accessories.

But there’s more. Furrever Happy is a place where pets can play in open spaces, soak up the sun, and even enjoy a cuddle from Divya herself. It’s all about creating an extraordinary experience for your pet, just as Divya does for her own.

Our services

We are expert dog groomers who take care of your little paws with extra care and love. Additionally, we provide you with a package that presents multiple services at an affordable price. For the best dog grooming experience try the services of furrever happy. 

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Our spa facilities are made to accommodate the comfort of our canine guests. 

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Dog Bath

Our compassionate staff offer a peaceful setting for your dog for easy nail clipping.

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Dog Boarding

Instead of worrying about bathing your dog at home, leave it to our skilled dog groomer!

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We can keep them happy

Our team’s commitment to dogs derives from their undying love for them, regardless of their breed or size. You entrust your dog to the care of highly skilled dog groomer when you leave them at our salon. Book your appointment now!







Activities and Exercise

At Furrever Happy, we’ve got plenty of room to turn your pup’s grooming session into an exciting and fun experience. Give your furry friend a grooming session they’ll wag about.

dog grooming
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